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At Brandwurx we ensure quality service and delivery standards. This page is dedicated to explaining our ordering process, our delivery steps and our branding protocol.

Our Order Process

To receive a quote on your pen order simply go to the Quote Page of our website. You have a choice of three different methods so you can chose the most convenient way for you. You can submit a quote description form and we will email you back, give us a call of request a call back from our sales team at Brandwurx.  Once you receive your personalized quote, submit your vector artwork containing your brand or logo.( see Branding Process for more info)  Our team of industrial designers will send you your ‘Virtual Art Proof’ containing high quality 3D rendered images. This gives you the chance to visualize what your end product will look like before it goes into production. If you require any changes, such as colour change, repositioning or branding technique, this is the time to do it. Once you are happy with your Virtual Art Proof, you approve the art and pay for your order. We will supply you with our estimated shipping time, which usually take 14-21 days. As soon as your order is shipped, you will be provided with a delivery time and tracking number.

Process and Delivery Steps

1)    Request a Quote from our Quote Page

- Submit Quote Form      
- E-mail us    
- Call us     
- Request a call back

2)    Receive your personalized quote

3)    Submit logo artwork – VECTOR ART

4)    Receive Virtual Art Proof

5)    Approve your Virtual Art Proof

6)    Receive order ETA (estimated time of arrival)

7)    Receive delivery time and tracking #

8)    Receive parcel

Branding Process

  • Begin with choosing your preferred pen design. Continue to the quote page to request your quote. Once you have received your quote you can submit your logo artwork.
  • This artwork must be vector art. Vector art is done by creating paths and points in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. Unlike JPEGs, or photographs, vector graphics are not made up of a grid of pixels. Instead, vector graphics are comprised of paths, which are defined by a start and end point. A good test to differentiate is to magnify ( blow up/zoom in) to your artwork, if it becomes blurry and 'pixelated' it is not vector art, if it is vector art the graphic stays smooth and clean.
  • From here you will need to specify a PMS Pantone color. Only Pantone® color references will be accepted to reference colors (CMYK references are unable to be used). If you don’t have your pantone colours, we can colour match your CMYK or RGB color pallet for  FREE of charge. If your brand guidelines require a promotional product in an exact color not listed in our standard range of color, we will produce the product accurately to any Pantone® color you specify in addition to printing your logo on the product.
  • Next you will need to choose your Banding Technique. For this process you have two options:   


Electroplating is a method that uses electrolysis to plate or coat a surface with metal, providing clean and polished branding.


In this process, an ink is applied. The ink has adhesive and hardening properties that ensures a durable and clean branding. You can have up to 3 colors for this process.

Branding Steps

vector art icon

1)   Submit logo Vector Artwork
      (EPS, ai or PDF files)

2)    Provide PMS Pantone color

3)    Choose branding technique

4)    Receive virtual proof